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  • Regenta Orko's Haridwar Book
  • Hotel Krishna Ji Book
  • Oyo Premium Har Ki Pauri Book
  • Haveli Hari Ganga Book

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Muscat (????) is the capital and the biggest city in Oman and has about 750,000 inhabitants. It is located in the northern part of the country along the coast roughly where the Indian Ocean meets the Persian Gulf. The city is one of the oldest cities in the entire Middle East and people have been living here for almost 2,000 years. Nowadays it is one of the busiest places in a country with lots of open space, and also the city itself keeps a relatively slow pace, with green parts and few highrise buildings compared to for example Dubai. The people are a welcome mix of Omanis and expats. More and more luxurious hotels are opening, but a few cheaper places are still available for travellers, although accommodation stays relatively expensive. From the capital, good roads (a rental car is recommended) lead in all directions but the city deserves a few days before exploring all the great scenery the country has to offer.

Muscat Weather Information

  • Mon Dec 11 27°C 17°C
  • Tue Dec 12 24°C 19°C
  • Wed Dec 13 24°C 16°C
  • Thu Dec 14 24°C 17°C
  • Fri Dec 15 24°C 17°C
  • Sat Dec 16 24°C 17°C
  • Sun Dec 17 22°C 17°C
  • Mon Dec 18 22°C 17°C
  • Tue Dec 19 23°C 16°C
  • Wed Dec 20 23°C 16°C
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