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Delhi City Information

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Delhi is a sprawling and ancient city of 13 million people in northern India. New Delhi, the national capital, forms a small part of the wider metropolis. Most people, however, use New Delhi and Delhi interchangeably to mean the greater city of Delhi.

Old Delhi today has a rich and colourful character, stemming from its organic growth over several centuries and its still somewhat medieval ambience, majestic monuments, labyrinthine alleys, crowds of beggars and street-vendors, bazaars of jewellry market at Dariba Kalan, the embroidery brocade market at Kinari Bazar or the parathewali Gali (Indian bread street) all within the limits of Chandni Chowk (literally, “moonlit square”). A cycle Rickshaw tour through the winding lanes and by-lanes will show you all it has!

In contrast stands the New Delhi of Edwin Lutyens - who besides the city, designed the vice-regal palace to represent "the ideal of British Empire". The Beating of the Retreat in the square below the palace, replayed every Republic Day when the sun goes down showing off the monumental pink sandstone of the secretariat, where the bands assemble to play, besides others the English hymn "Abide with Me", reminiscent one of the Colonial past!

Today Delhi is growing at a breathless pace, beyond the scattered citadels of erstwhile dynasties and far beyond the ken of the colonial and latter-day town plan. Delhites display an amazing ability to adjust to influences from various communities and regions yet retain their culture.

Delhi Weather Information

  • Tue Apr 25 39°C 23°C
  • Wed Apr 26 39°C 24°C
  • Thu Apr 27 41°C 24°C
  • Fri Apr 28 41°C 25°C
  • Sat Apr 29 40°C 26°C
  • Sun Apr 30 41°C 26°C
  • Mon May 1 42°C 26°C
  • Tue May 2 42°C 27°C
  • Wed May 3 42°C 27°C
  • Thu May 4 42°C 27°C
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