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Johannesburg is South Africa's largest and most populated city with 3.9 million residents, easily boasting the largest economy of the country and thus Sub-Saharan Africa. Located in Gauteng province, and pronounced jo-han'is-bûrg', it's commonly referred to by one of it's shortened nicknames; Jo'burg, Jozi, Egoli or the city of gold. The last of these names also contains the clue to what lay the foundation for its development as the economic hub of South Africa: the discovery of some of the worlds richest gold fields in the region led to the establishment of Jo'burg in 1886. For all it's wealth and prosperity, the city is also one of stark contrasts with a large population of very poor people living in shacks. So great is the gap between the two that it's led to one of the highest crime rates in the world. If you are planning a trip to Johannesburg, take reasonable precautions and listen to the locals, so you can enjoy it safely.

Johannesburg Weather Information

  • Sat Sep 23 21°C 7°C
  • Sun Sep 24 22°C 8°C
  • Mon Sep 25 24°C 13°C
  • Tue Sep 26 28°C 14°C
  • Wed Sep 27 29°C 14°C
  • Thu Sep 28 30°C 16°C
  • Fri Sep 29 29°C 16°C
  • Sat Sep 30 31°C 15°C
  • Sun Oct 1 31°C 14°C
  • Mon Oct 2 29°C 14°C
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