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  • Regenta Orko's Haridwar Book
  • Hotel Krishna Ji Book
  • Oyo Premium Har Ki Pauri Book
  • Haveli Hari Ganga Book
  • Hotel Hari Heritage Book

Lucknow to Mumbai Flights   start from inr 3383

  • Airline DeparuteArrival Stop(s)Cabin Price
  • IndigoIndigo 16-Jun-2017  (18:30) 16-Jun-2017  (23:35)1Economy inr 3383 Book now
  • IndigoIndigo 03-May-2017  (15:10) 03-May-2017  (21:35)1Economy inr 3498 Book now
  • IndigoIndigo 06-May-2017  (08:40) 06-May-2017  (15:10)1Economy inr 3498 Book now
  • IndigoIndigo 07-May-2017  (18:30) 07-May-2017  (22:40)1Economy inr 3734 Book now
  • IndigoIndigo 05-May-2017  (15:10) 05-May-2017  (21:35)1Economy inr 4432 Book now
  • IndigoIndigo 06-Jun-2017  (10:40) 06-Jun-2017  (18:10)1Economy inr 4432 Book now

Mumbai City Information

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Mumbai's architectural heritage from the British Raj is the icon of this vibrant city of gold. The origin of the name is obscure, but is often said to come from the Portuguese phrase bom bahia meaning "good bay", changed by the Britts to Bombay.

The early interactions of Bombay - which was one of the nearly 25 islands off the Konkan coast - began with the Portuguese in the Vasco da Gama era, with formal authority of the European power being established in 1534. In 1661 the Portuguese gifted Bombay islands to King Charles 11 of England when he married the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza in dowry. Bombay passed on to the British crown in 1655 and was, in turn, handed over to the East India Company for an annual rent of £10. Bombay was a virtual creation of the British and did not have a pre-colonial history. The native population, on the other hand, was left to settle and fill in the gaps to the northwest of the fort area. It was, and still is characterized by overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and haphazard settlements. Less well-known are the small places of religion tucked away inside crowded bazars, or the forgotten mansions of the once rich.

They then developed bazaar areas near the fort for their commercial purposes Eventually the city became too large for the island and they had to reclaim land from the sea, much like many of the other port colonial cities.

Mumbai Weather Information

  • Thu Apr 27 33°C 26°C
  • Fri Apr 28 33°C 26°C
  • Sat Apr 29 32°C 26°C
  • Sun Apr 30 32°C 26°C
  • Mon May 1 33°C 27°C
  • Tue May 2 33°C 27°C
  • Wed May 3 33°C 27°C
  • Thu May 4 34°C 28°C
  • Fri May 5 36°C 29°C
  • Sat May 6 37°C 29°C
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