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  • IndigoIndigo 21-Mar-2018  (12:50) 21-Mar-2018  (21:00)1Economy inr 3054 Book now
  • IndigoIndigo 16-Feb-2018  (14:50) 16-Feb-2018  (21:50)1Economy inr 4132 Book now
  • IndigoIndigo 05-Feb-2018  (21:00) 05-Feb-2018  (23:30)non-stopEconomy inr 4513 Book now

Jaipur City Information

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The history and times of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) are deeply entwined with the stories of royal princes and princesses, with grand Mughals and later with visiting dignitaries from the British Royal family or 20th century royalty like the US Presidential families. Modern Jaipur plays host to all of them and to many thousands of ordinary people who come here enchanted by all that the city has to offer.Jaipur is undoubtedly a city of kings and queens and its distinctive architecture clearly emphasis’s this. Even so it has a timeless appeal, since many of the traditional crafts patronised by the 18th century rulers are still thriving. So, you have streets that are famous for jewellery, tie-and-dye, pottery, ‘meenakari’, leatherwork and stone carvings.

Tourists find it astonishing that the whole city was painted in autumn pink by the then sovereign of the city to welcome his distinguished guest, the Prince of Wales in 1876.

Horse Polo was very popular amongst the Maharajas, especially during the British Raj. Man Singh II was the finest and most dashing polo player in the world, whose polo team was champion in the European Polo circuit in the 1930s. The Polo victory cinema in Jaipur, built by his polo stick maker commemorated a world record in the Sport. The "Big Four' consisting of Maharaja Man Singh, Maharaja Prithvi Singh, Rao Raja Hanut Singh and Rao Raja Abhey Singh had won all the open tournaments a record which has never been equaled. Man Singh actually died playing the sport he loved, at a polo match in England in 1970. The royalty in Rajasthan is evident in the splendid forts and Palaces of Jaipur where again the cuisine is very special and exclusive to this region.

Jaipur Weather Information

  • Tue Jan 23 27°C 12°C
  • Wed Jan 24 25°C 13°C
  • Thu Jan 25 25°C 13°C
  • Fri Jan 26 25°C 11°C
  • Sat Jan 27 23°C 10°C
  • Sun Jan 28 23°C 9°C
  • Mon Jan 29 24°C 10°C
  • Tue Jan 30 24°C 11°C
  • Wed Jan 31 24°C 12°C
  • Thu Feb 1 26°C 13°C
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