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Chicago is the United States' third largest city although still called the Second City, a haven of art, architecture and jazz. It's home to elevated trains, Oprah, a wealth of museums, and wonderful places to eat, drink and be entertained. You can even laze on the beach in summer.

Chicago was originally a small fort on the Chicago River, which was destroyed in a massacre. The city remained a small trading post until the Illinois and Michigan Canal and Galena and Chicago Union Railroad were opened in 1848, after which Chicago grew rapidly. In 1871, the Great Chicago Fire destroyed most of downtown and the north side of town. After the fire, Chicago changed as skyscrapers started to sprout out of the ground like wild grasses.

Chicago's location on the banks of Lake Michigan ensures steamy hot summers and frigid cold winters, with frequent biting winds giving the city its nickname: The Windy City.

Chicago Weather Information

  • Fri Oct 21 30°C 22°C
  • Sat Oct 22 31°C 22°C
  • Sun Oct 23 30°C 22°C
  • Mon Oct 24 29°C 21°C
  • Tue Oct 25 29°C 21°C
  • Wed Oct 26 29°C 21°C
  • Thu Oct 27 29°C 21°C
  • Fri Oct 28 31°C 21°C
  • Sat Oct 29 30°C 21°C
  • Sun Oct 30 31°C 22°C
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