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Moscow is the capital of Russia, and the country's primary political and economic centre. Formerly a communist strong-hold, this city is coming out of its repression and embracing capitalism to the fullest extent. The once empty shelves are now filled with expensive designer and luxury goods. Unlike many areas and cities in the country, Moscow has see its population growing over the last decades, and is rivalling cities like Paris and London regarding the number of inhabitants, of which the total urban area now has well over 13 million! With the growing numbers of cars, this might give first time visitors a feel of one big polluted area with constant traffic jams and compared to its neighbour St. Petersburg it really needs to grow on you before you uncover its beauty.

Moscow Weather Information

  • Mon Oct 23 23°C 10°C
  • Tue Oct 24 19°C 4°C
  • Wed Oct 25 20°C 8°C
  • Thu Oct 26 26°C 9°C
  • Fri Oct 27 18°C 3°C
  • Sat Oct 28 14°C 1°C
  • Sun Oct 29 15°C 3°C
  • Mon Oct 30 18°C 7°C
  • Tue Oct 31 21°C 8°C
  • Wed Nov 1 22°C 10°C
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