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Kullu, once known as Kul-anti-peetha - "the end of the habitable world", is the capital town of the Kullu District, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is located on the banks of the Beas River in the Kullu Valley about ten kilometres north of the airport at Bhuntar. Kullu is the administrative capital with the offices of District Collector, the Superintendent of Police and the District courts. It is also the largest and the most varied constituency for the lower house of the parliament. The valley of gods, as the Kullu valley has come to be known, is perhaps the most delightful region in the western Himalayas. The valley spreads out its charm on either side of the upper reaches of the river Beas. Running north to south, the main river. The valley is only 80 kilometres long and 2 kilometres at its broadest, yet a fairly wide area is open to the visitors to enjoy the spectacle of variegated mountain scenery.

Situated on the banks of the Beas, Kullu, the headquarters of the district, serves as a nerve center of the valley and is the starting place for a number of treks. The deodar-fringed grassy huge maidan called Dhalpur, is a stage for many colorful fairs. Due to it being the commercial and economic center the township of Kullu has had an eclectic diaspora of nearby village/district inhabitants, shop owners and governmental employees from bordering states which give a different feel from the rest of the valley.

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  • Mon Oct 24 25°C 12°C
  • Tue Oct 25 24°C 11°C
  • Wed Oct 26 24°C 12°C
  • Thu Oct 27 24°C 12°C
  • Fri Oct 28 24°C 11°C
  • Sat Oct 29 24°C 11°C
  • Sun Oct 30 25°C 11°C
  • Mon Oct 31 26°C 11°C
  • Tue Nov 1 26°C 11°C
  • Wed Nov 2 26°C 11°C
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