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Kuwait City Information

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Since Saddam's invasion and quick defeat back in 1990, Kuwait has undergone the arduous task of rebuilding a nation devastated by war. Things are looking kind of like they used to, as the oil trade once again operates at a blistering profit. But landmines still hide under the surface, making Kuwait a place where one ought to tread lightly and cautiously.

Kuwait City has undergone serious reconstruction since the war. Though a large collection of important Islamic art was destroyed by the Iraqis, the city still affords some nice treats for visitors. The contrast between the city's Grand Mosque and its iconic Kuwait Towers reveals the story of a conservative Muslim nation inheriting a billion dollar oil industry. A short trip from Kuwait City is Failaka Island, an ancient settlement which thrived under Greek occupation and is now Kuwait's best archeological site.

Kuwait's recent history and devout Islamic tradition makes it a fascinating introduction to the Middle East

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  • Mon Oct 24 37°C 18°C
  • Tue Oct 25 37°C 19°C
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  • Thu Oct 27 37°C 18°C
  • Fri Oct 28 36°C 19°C
  • Sat Oct 29 37°C 19°C
  • Sun Oct 30 37°C 19°C
  • Mon Oct 31 37°C 18°C
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