Planning a team outing

Planning a team outing

Team Outing is a way of bounding with people and refreshing yourself. Getting way from the daily work schedule, pressure and from the busy city life and enjoying with the group and taking a walk in the nature and taking a breath in pollution free environment. As enjoying with the team on the outing very important, same as planning it also an important task-

Start the planning in advance so that there would not be a last minute mess. It will make you eligible for all the advance purchase deals i.e. for accommodation and transportation. You need to update the team also so that they can manage their important work during the scheduled time and would be available.

First Round of Discussion:

Now you have planned for the outing, take a team hurdle and update them accordingly and open the forum to give and take suggestion. Let them now the agenda for the same.

Date, Day and time:

Check the availability of your Boss schedule so that it should not clash up with any important date, check weather report so that day can be fully utilized and situation like rain or bad heat won’t disturb the planning and activities.


The venue for the team outing should be planned very carefully. Chose a location which does not involves lot of travelling time if you are planning a day outing. Choose a place which can accommodate all the team and gives you the best deal on group rates.


Once the outing venue and head count is finalized, ensure that budget should not go over the top or it should not be too low. You have to plan what all things a necessary and what all needs to be removed.


Count the vegetarian and non- vegetarian head within the group also note down the beverage preference. The menu should include items which everyone can enjoy.

Plan activities and Hire an Expert:

Team outing is baseless with the activities which evolves entire team and engage all the members to take part in the games like tug-of-war, treasure hunts and various sporting events. So fare you have done a great job in managing and planning the team building activities but now you need an expert who can involve all the members and execute all the plans, and leave you free so that even you can enjoy.

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