Who says that you have to be rich to travel around the world for the best experience. We will unfold some tips and secrets by which you can manage or cut your extra travel expense. If you are interested and keen to know , read on to find how simple it is –



Plan your vacation well in advance so that you can avail advance purchase fares and promotional codes on websites, also try considering connecting flights they can be good money savers.

Light Baggage- Try traveling with light bags as Airlines charge for an oversize and overweight baggage and consider packing light if you plan to buy new ones.

Land Transport

Consider train if you have a railway station at the location which you have opted for you travel, if not then only go for car rentals. Size does matter when you are opting for a car rentals prefer taking a smallest car if you are two people traveling together and cars which has overhead carriers for your luggage so that it would be an extra room or space. Try searching for coupon codes for car rental companies and bargain well.

If you are planning to travel for long duration in one city or two, higher a cab for one way only and welcome public transport like bus, Auto, metro and subways.


Keep your option open and search all the website for best rate and added inclusions, look for discount deals and coupons code and advance purchase Rates. Sign up for frequent traveler and earn reward points and get something free.

Buy snacks, water and drinks from the local grocery stores as hotel charges extra on Items which are placed in your room mini fridge.

Avail special discount on Age (Senior citizen), students and membership discounts while booking you stay and entry cost of theme parks, museum etc and always carry your ID card along.

Travelling in Group always gets you and added benefits and make you eligible of special discounts, so go ahead and team up with your friends and go for the same destination.


Go for Duty Free Shops at airport that will help you to save the extra tax amount which you pay anywhere outside.

Shopping in local markets will also end up saving you an extra money if you have an Art of bargain, try taking to some local people and take an estimate on the cost.

Try the local food and drinks that would not only refresh your taste buds but also help you saving money.

Consider going on vacation in off season it’s cheaper and less crowded.

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