Let the game and fun begins as soon as you hit the driveway. We have put down some very good games which you will love paying with the fellow travelers.

Word Building-

You have to build a word with one letter and every completion of word, each player has to add a letter and should keep the real word to itself.

Car Next Door

Make your own stories about the people who are there in the car next to you.

Story Telling

Start narrating story and after some time name a person from the group to continue the same, wherever the bridge or chain breaks, person who was unable to continue will be a loser.

Spy Game

Make multiple chits of paper and on one chit right killer and one Spy, now spy has to detect the killer from the group.

Guess the Tune

Play with Bollywood Movie songs

Some Truths and 1 Lie

Player needs to tell the group 3 facts about himself or herself and everyone else need to guess which one is lie.

Name the object

1 Player need to think of an object and describe out it and other have to guess

Name the Capital

Player needs to name the state or country for which others have to guess the capital


One member needs to give a word and other have to tell it Synonyms.

Dumb Charades

One player has to enact like a dumb person and by using actions and expression has to describe a name of a Movie to the group and others has to guess for which movie the person is enacting.

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