You have now decided to go on an adventure trip and as an when adventure comes to your mind lot of activities will subsequently follow like trekking, Camping, rock climbing, river rafting and activities like these need a proper planning and you have to be geared up with all the equipments listed below-

Food and Water

Food and Water is the basic necessity for life, adventure trip will take you place where you do not have an easy access to eating joints. Make sure you carry sufficient food and water for your survival, as such trips requires lot of physical and mental activities which can easily exhaust you , so make sure you are hydrated.


You have to be very careful while packing you bag for an adventure tour. The choices of equipment will vary for instance if it is a trekking or Rock Climbing you require a rock climbing shoes, rope, hooks, head gear or a helmet. If planning for River Rafting then a helmet, water safety jacket, water proof gadgets like watch or a navigator.


Wear something in which you are comfortable and can easily perform all the activities and would be suitable according to the weather or climate, also carry a sleeping bag. Full sleeved T-Shirt and lower are best because it will not only protect you from climatic condition but also from poisonous plants and insects.

Medicines and Toiletries

Adventure trips can take you to place where you would be away from all medical helps like hospitals or clinic. So in case of any emergency you would require the first aid kit which can be a life savior. Carry basic medicines for fever, diarrhea, Dehydration, infections etc., also carry an antiseptic cream, a sprain spray, band-aids, also keep the local doctor’s phone number handy. For your toiletries buy small packs which would be convenient to carry like Sun screen lotion, soap, shampoo, tooth brush and paste, deodorant and tissue paper roll.


While traveling carry your camera along so that you can capture the moments and ensure that it is fully charged and should have enough memory.

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